Our Process
Did you know that buying a car is the second most expensive purchase you will make in your lifetime? So it’s no wonder that the process can be both exciting and terrifying at the same time. On the one hand you’re anticipating the new car smell, the better mileage per gallon than your old car, and all the compliments you’re sure to get when you roll up in your shiny new toy. On the other hand you barely have enough time to go to work, get to the kids’ soccer game, and research your new dream car.

That’s where Premier Auto Lease can make all the difference. WE do all the work finding the car you want and deserve to have, hassle-free. YOU sit back and relax from beginning to end.

Contact Us
Get started via our online form or by calling Mike at (310) 600-2461 or via email at mike@premierautolease.com .

Tell Us Your New Car Requirements
We’d like to know your preferred make/model and budget. This would be the time to let us know if you plan to trade-in your current vehicle, or that you’ve already done some research and have a quote you think we can beat.

The Search Begins
Next we’ll use our network of dealers to find your preferred model & equipment.  We may make alternative suggestions based on available inventory. Often times there’s a comparable car with far better lease or finance terms that you wouldn’t have known about, but we work for you –  not a specific manufacturer – so you’re our priority.

We are happy to arrange hassle-free test drives.

Negotiating Terms
Once you make your specific selection, we’ll begin negotiations to get you the best price and terms possible. Remember we’re not “car salesmen,” we are automotive lease & purchase professionals. There’s no “salesman speak” when you deal with us. Click here for more information on what we mean by that.

Again accessing our sophisticated software, we’ll track down the lender with the best financing possible for your new vehicle.

Delivery and Paperwork
All paperwork is taken care of at the time of delivery as well as a full demo of your new car. The drive off or down payment is paid directly to the dealer at this time,  and your license plates arrive in the mail within 3-6 weeks. You will also receive a monthly statement from the lender for future payments.

Follow Up
Last but not least: we’ll follow up with you to make sure you are satisfied and remain a happy Premier Auto Lease client!

It’s that simple. Contact us now to start your search and save money!

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