Navigating the ever DECEPTIVE Auto Ad

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Trust me I know this is redundant & beating a dead horse but the reality is these ad’s work. The other reality is that they make all our lives harder than they need to be so these kinds of post’s are unfortunately very necessary. 

There are examples everywhere but let’s use the current ad BMW is running for a 320i. People see the $249 a month which looks awesome & they don’t see anything else.

What do you need to look at?

1. The MSRP in this case $34,145 , this is a black or white base car. Do you want metallic paint (any other color) it’s more expensive , do you want a sunroof , power seats , satellite radio , heated seats , navigation , parking sensors , rear view camera? This car has none of those options so all auto ad’s are usually base cars that don’t fit peoples needs.

2. The drive off or in this case “due at signing” $3,925 PLUS as it clearly states in the fine print “tax, license, registration & dealer fees are additional fees due at signing” so in LA County license & registration are approx $437 plus tax on the entire number the “due at signing” is ACTUALLY $4,753. That’s a huge check to write for most people.

3. The payment doesn’t include tax so the ACTUAL payment is $271 a month in LA County.

4. Oh , you drive 15,000 miles a year NOT 10,000 which the lease allows for well that’s 3% of the MSRP plus tax & interest.

JAN 2017 BMW 320i AD

Not looking like such a great deal now is it?

I tell people this all the time; if you could realistically drive a BMW for $300 a month who would ever buy a Toyota Camry? The Camry is the best selling car in the world & a loaded Camry is in the $300’s or even the $400’s for a 6cyl XLE.

You have to take the time to read the whole thing or you could just call us & we could make it real easy for you to get into the best possible car within your budget.



Peace, Love, 22

2017 Chevy Volt EV launch info over 225 mile range

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The soon to go into production Chevy ⚡️Bolt ⚡️all electric with a “range of 238 miles.” The range like on all cars is done in a bubble with computers but I think you can count on around 200 which is a lot more than the competition. The car looks small , is a foot shorter than the Volt BUT it has larger cargo space. They like the Volt will come in two trims a LT & a Premier. They have a floating dash (pretty cool) & a 10″ display touch screen. I would expect both trims to have Apple CarPlay so the base LT will have Bluetooth , rear view camera & with the Apple CarPlay Siri voice control with navigation through maps or Google maps. Upgrade to the Premier for leather , parking sensors , keyless go , premium sound w/satellite radio , heated seats etc. The base price will be $37,495 before any incentives & I would guess a lease payment in the $300’s. Low $300’s for the LT & high for the Premier. I know it sort of looks like the Honda Fit but it’s a lot cooler than that car. We’re taking orders now & these should be ready for delivery by the end of the year.


2017 Chevy Bolt Blog Pic



Peace, Love, 22

Who Premier Auto Lease uses for maintenance/windshield repair etc

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Hope everyone is well. We get a lot of calls about mechanics, detailers etc so we thought we would put them all in one nice, neat place.

For Windshield Replacement we’re strong supporters of:
Economy Auto Glass
14557 Calvert St Van Nuys, 91411
818.785.7198 ask for Dirk & tell him you got his info from Mike Mendelsohn he’s not mobile but he’s fast, honest & good!
Economy Auto Glass






For a nice Hand Wash or complete Detailing we recommend:
Peters Cleaning Services
They are mobile or
15044 Magnolia Blvd #3 Sherman Oaks, 91403
818.915.9117 ask for Pedro Rodriguez & tell him Mike Mendelsohn gave you his info

Are you sensing a theme here?

For old school, REALLY GOOD Mechanics we go with:

Mike at White Oak Mercedes they don’t come any more old school & honest than Mike!

Stanley Norwoods at Non-Stop Auto
7631 Van Nuys Blvd Van Nuys, 91405

9940 Canoga Ave Chatsworth, 91311

For Window Tint there can be only one! He’s mobile so you have to have a covered area for him to work in. He’s as good as they get!
Dwayne Wycoff


We will keep this updated as we come across impressive new or specialized people so check back once in awhile.

Peace, Love, 22



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Okay finally Toyota stepped up with some financial support on the redesigned 2016 Toyota Prius so I guess it’s time for us to tackle it. The trim levels are 2-4 & 3 & 4 have a “touring model.” So there are 5 trims. The 3 & 4 Touring models basically add 17″ wheels, integrated fog lamps, LED accent lighting & an advanced safety package. That package has head up display, radar cruise, Toyota safety sense which is pre-collision with pedestrian detection, lane departure alert with steering assist & full speed radar cruise control.

The car is no doubt a little awkward with it’s layout & does take some time to grow on you which it will do. Personally I thought the old model Prius handled really well & had more than enough power but this one definitely takes both up a notch. It also takes the EPA Mileage up to a combined 52mpg.

Pictured is a package 4 model which includes heated/softex/power driver seat, premium sound, satellite radio, ipod/usb, iq wireless smart phone charging, rear view camera, blind spot monitor with rear cross traffic alert, keyless go w/push button start, voice activated/touch-screen navigation with entune apps & much more. The package 4 has available options the safety sense package, ultra premium JBL sound package & moon roof package but the car gets pretty pricey loaded up.

Once you get over the initial awkwardness of the car & get used to everything it really does set the bar for mass market Hybrid cars. There is a reason these are all over the place & the Toyota Prius is the  best selling Hybrid car by a large margin & we think this car will keep the momentum going for Toyota.

We have all colors & trims available for immediate delivery starting at only $219 a month. Even a decked out package 4 is $294 a month with standard drive off’s “zero down” Please feel free to Contact Us for more info.

2016 Redesigned Toyota Prius



Lexus merges cars & art|Coming next week we break down the 2016 Prius

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Two of our passions are Art & Cars so when they merge we’re there. Patterns from @itsjeremyscott ‘s fall line as modeled by the completely redesigned #LexusRX our clients are loving the RX’s more aggressive lines, tighter-better ride & the much more functional interface. Also more standard features & with prices from the $400’s is a ton of car for your hard earned money. 📷 Cred: @stephaneandjulien


Lexus RX Art Pics


Keep an eye out for our next blog breaking down the new Redesigned Prius. We’ll simplify the trims & details for you, yes it’s a little complicated we know. We want to spend some time with the car one more time before forming an honest opinion. We do already have an answer for the White Plastic in the Two model that people aren’t into. We have a black kit so at no additional charge every Prius we sell will come with Black Center Console trim. We’ll get that blog up this week so please check back.

In the meantime if you’re looking at a 2016 Prius with our network of dealers we have the largest selection of them & of course the lowest prices.


☮& ღ..22

The inspiring story of the Tucker 48′ a vision of a man ahead of his time

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One of the most rare & innovative cars ever produced the Tucker 48, 48 being the model year. Only 51 of these were produced before Preston Tuckers dream ended on March 3, 1949. Post war the “Big Three” American auto manufacturers hadn’t produced a new design since 41′ so people were longing for something different. He introduced a water cooled aluminum small block flat 6cyl engine, disc brakes, four wheel independent suspension, fuel injection, the location of of all instruments within arms reach, seat belts & a padded dash board. The coolest feature to me & the most recognizable feature of the Tucker 48 is the 3rd headlight also known as the ‘Cyclops Eye” it would turn with the steering wheel at angles greater than 10 degrees to light the cars path around corners. At that time having 3 headlights on a car was illegal in 17 states so he fabricated a cover for the light in those states. A glove box was added to the front door panels instead of the more conventional location in the dashboard to provide space for the “crash chamber” that the Tucker is now famous for. This is a padded area ahead of the passenger seat, free from obstructions, providing the front seat passengers an area to protect themselves in the event of an accident. The engine and transmission were mounted on a separate sub frame which was secured with only six bolts. The entire drive train could thus be lowered and removed from the car in minutes. Tucker envisioned loaner engines being quickly swapped in for service in just 30 minutes. No Elon Musk isn’t as innovative as you or he thinks he is. Preston Tucker & Robert McNamara were the two men most responsible for car safety & innovation as we know it today. This car sold for a little under $4,000, no idea how many of these are still around but the last one I saw sell at auction went for $1,200,000. Preston Tucker was a man way ahead of his time & for that his name & vision will live on forever.

Tucker 48'



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As we reflect on another great year at Premier Auto Lease, we want to tell you how much we appreciate your business and ongoing support. Although our blog has been quiet, we are still going strong, and have some great year-end deals to share with you.

We’ll be back to blogging bigger than ever in 2015. Until then, we wish you and your families a happy holiday season and a healthy, prosperous New Year!


Here are some year end deals that we thought we would pass along.


2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In

2015 Toyota Prius Plug-In
Premium heated cloth seats, bluetooth, touch screen/voice activated navigation w/entune apps, rear view camera, satellite radio, ipod/usb, dual zone automatic climate w/remote a/c (great if you need to make a stop and keep your dog in the car during the summer), keyless entry w/push button start, FREE maintenance, plugs into a regular 110 socket and fully charges in 3 hours. You can get well OVER 400 MILES ON ONE TANK OF GAS depending on your charging habits!! Our clients are getting 350-500 miles on ONE tank of gas, no joke! PZEV (partial zero emission vehicle), CA HOV (carpool lane stickers) and in CA a $1,500 TAX CREDIT.

All colors, trims & options are available contact us for info.




2015 Lexus ES350
Power/heated/ventilated/leather seats, bluetooth, voice activated navigation, premium sound, satellite radio, ipod/usb, rear view camera, front/rear parking sensors, blind spot monitor w/rear cross traffic alert, power rear sunshade, dual zone automatic climate, keyless entry w/push button start, automatic hid headlamps, 18″ alloy wheels, wood/leather steering wheel/shift knob, rear spoiler & much more. Sporty, luxury at an exclusive PAL price.

All colors, trims & options are available contact us for info.




2015 BMW X1 sDrive28i Crossover
Power/heated/leather seats, bluetooth, satellite radio, ipod/usb, panoramic sunroof, dual zone automatic climate, keyless entry w/push button start, automatic headlights, 17″ alloy wheels, 23mpg city/34mpg hwy, free maintenance including PAL’s exclusive concierge service. Great, peppy crossover that’s ALL BMW!! The price on this one is good for an in stock black or white car until 12/24/14 only.

All colors, trims & options are available contact us for info.



We have many other exclusive deals ready to be delivered to your home or office as usual check out our homepage. We will beat ANY verifiable deal on any make or model car just contact us with your deal. Also if you or a friend, family member or colleague are in the market for a car please keep us in mind. We will save you time & money!!



☮& ღ

Pulling the curtain back on Tesla Motors the TRUTH in black & white

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First and foremost I’ll start by saying other than their VERY deceptive pricing, advertising & what I consider to be shady business practices I have absolutely nothing against Tesla. I’m writing this because I get A LOT of calls/emails about the cars and I just want a place to send people that will hopefully save me time and answer most of their questions.

I’m going to start backwards because this is the easy part. Tesla has NO Dealerships ONLY “Showrooms” they ONLY sell direct with fixed pricing it’s all in black and white right on their website. This may not be exactly against the law but it is in fact against the spirit of State Franchise Laws & there’s no two ways about that. If you’re a Stock Broker, Doctor or in Retail it doesn’t matter if someone can do the SAME job or provide the SAME service as you WITHOUT the same expenses or rules you have to abide & do business by you would have a BIG problem with that. That is exactly what Tesla is doing.

Now their pricing is where it really gets shady. The LEAST EXPENSIVE Tesla is a base 60KwH it’s $70,070. & you’re signing a 72 month purchase with a MONTHLY payment of $1,074. including 9% LA County sales tax.

A middle of the road car is a 85KwH with these OPTIONS: Leather, Wood Trim, Technology Package (navigation, keyless go, power liftgate, led daytime running lights, power folding mirriors & a few other things), Premium Sound, Parking Sensors & Fast Home Charger. Again this is a middle of the road car not ultra loaded but good equipment. This car is $93,420. & $1,412. a month including LA County sales tax with about $5,000 down.

A decked out top of the line Tesla S P85+ is $126,320. with a monthly payment of $1,885. including LA County sales tax.

Tesla offers a “Lease” in 14 States & this is where the math gets really tricky. Let’s work the numbers on the $93,420. car right from Tesla’s site.
1. You’re signing a 72 month loan.
2. They will buy your car back with a residual of 50% of a BASE CAR & 43% of EVERYTHING above that. They GUARANTEE the car to have the ‘top residual value of ANY premium sedan Mercedes, BMW, Audi & Lexus after 36 months”.

    tesla residual value

3. So the BASE car is $71,070. x 50% = $35,535. ADD the higher model and options for $22,350. X 43% = 9,610. = A TOTAL RESIDUAL OF 48.4%.
4. The residual RIGHT NOW for 36 months at 15,000 miles a year EXACTLY THE SAME AS TESLA on a Lexus LS460 = 56%, a Mercedes S550 = 50% & a BMW 750i = 55%?? These are actual black & white numbers that CANNOT be manipulated by ANYONE they are what they are. Now I admit I’ve been out of school since 1987 & yes they have some “new math” but I’m pretty sure 48.4% is still lower than 50%, 55% & 56%? Again this may have changed in which case I’m sorry my mistake.
5. That last line “you will recieve cash back in 3 years that exceeds the principal remaining on your loan” there is no legit explanation for?!? So all I can figure is if you look at bullet point 4 of the “resale agreement” under Terms & Conditions you will sign it says ” it is your responsibility to clear all outstanding obligations with the lender, including any principal amount, late payments, penalties, and other fees that may be due to the lender” you have to PAY OFF the car INCLUDING SALES TAX (which you WILL NOT get a penny of back) to get the title in which case you would owe zero so yes whatever they give you will exceed the principal remaining on your loan…ZERO it will be paid off.

tesla resale guarantee

In the end it’s all about what we preach ALL the time TRANSPARENCY & this is anything but. Everyone in life & business should have an equil playing field & then whoever wins, wins. The Tesla S is a nice groundbreaking car that I do like but this is new & rapidly changing (even with them) technology the truth is these cars will be outdated and not worth much in 3 years. This is a car for a truly green person not buying a car with resale value as part of the equation, IMO.

☮& ღ

Don’t be SILLY during the “Silly Season”|Drinking & Driving is STUPID

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With the begining of the Holiday Season right around the corner thought we’d take this opportunity to talk about why you SOULDN’T drink & drive. There’s just no excuse for it these days it’s to easy & there are too many options for transprtation especially this time of year. Designate a driver, call a friend or family member, take a cab, use UBER (sign up & download the app now) a great, easy & cheaper cab like service etc no one is going to judge you other than in a positive way if you ask for a ride rather than bail you out of jail!! Also AAA is offering “Tipsy Tow” a free 7 mile tow for impaired drivers from 6pm Dec 31-6am Jan 1 (800.400.4222). No we’re not going to post pics or videos to show what you could do to yourself or, to me worse; what you could do to someone else. Who the hell wants to live with that?!? These are the CURRENT costs in LA county for a FIRST TIME DUI for a person over 21 with an otherwise clean driving record.

  *DUI Fine—–$390 (minimum)
    *County Penalties—–$1,245
    *Vehicle tow/storage—–$350
    *Alcohol education class—–$575
    *Victim restitution fund—–$140
    *DMV license reissue—–$125
    *Booking (fingerprinting)—–$170
    *Insurance increase for ONE YEAR—–$10,154
    *Attorney fees—–$2,500 (minimum)
                                         $15,649 AGAIN THAT’S THE MINIMUM

This is for a first offense and only gets worse if you’re underage, multiple offender, hurt or kill someone (unless it’s yourself than disregard this post!), loose your job etc. We like a good party as much as the next person, maybe more but we know that doesn’t give us the right to be irresponsible. Remember the most important part Don’t Drink & Drive the life you save may be mine or someone I love!!

Check back here for our blog on the LA AUTO SHOW which we’re pretty excited about & follow us on Instagram @PremierAutoLease we’ll post as many pics as we can.

☮& ღ


Auto Ad’s..When a Horse is a Donkey!!

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First of all a very Happy Easter to all that celebrate and a very nice weekend to all that don’t. Time for a necessary refresher to my least favorite topic Auto Ad’s. Advertising is a science people spend hundreds of millions of dollars studying it, analyzing every detail of it and anually large and small business’s spend billions of dollars on it. Not sure if it’s fair to say most but a lot of advertising is in my opinion over the line deceptive and the auto industry is far and away the leader in that department. There’s a VERY good reason for this, IT WORKS! If you’re in the car business and you advertise a honest or real deal you’ll loose everytime. I know i’ve been doing it honestly and real for years and luckly i’ve been doing so long I have enough clients that my business runs very well from referrals. If I had to start today and rely on advertising I never would have made a living I couldn’t sleep at night doing what these companys and manufacturers do today. I’ve batteled it for years blogged on it and i’m pretty much done fighting an obviously loosing battle. I will however occasionally blog or post like this calling out or pointing out what I feel to be the most egregious current examples.

Let’s start with Nissan these ad’s simply BLOW MY MIND and I think they should be illegal but they’re not. They’re using these ad’s for Altimas and Sentras right now here is the Sentra ad from the LARGEST Nissan dealer in CA.

It’s an eye catcher $38 down and $38 a month, looks great or does it? You can’t read the “fine print” it’s to small and you have to dig to find this which I cut and pasted DIRECTLY from the dealers website.

” 2012 Versa Hatchback 4 door Automatic
Model # 11412 (the LEAST expensive automatic only model)
Selling Price: $16,910
Doc fee: 80.00
Acquisition Fee: $595
Licenese $210
Gross Cap cost: $17,505
Customer cash: $2695 ??
MSRP:  $17,745
Residual: $10,118.10
Mileage per Year 12,000
Term of lease: 36 months
Advanced payment  $195.34
Upfront charge $508.94
Initial Payment $2695.00 (NO idea what all this is and exactly what the “DOWN” actually is??)
$38 payment for the first 6 months.
Payment goes to $179.62 for the balance of the lease term.”

Pretty crazy isn’t it? I think the highlights and question marks are enough to make my point. Despite having this and the Altima ($55 down/$55 a month) ad’s plastered all over the place, despite having 1 star and HUNDREDS of negative reviews on Yelp they’re the biggest?? This WORKS if I advertise the same car for $199 a month with standard drive offs which is LESS than this they’ll win EVERYTIME!?!

A few others that come to mind are Chevy advertising all over the Basketball games of payments “AROUND” whatever?? Chevy Volt “AROUND $349 A MONTH”, Chevy Sonic “AROUND $129 A MONTH” etc?? Payment is “AROUND” again THIS WORKS!?! Fiat parading a car around the streets of Italy implying the car is Italian…SORRY the Fiat 500 is MADE IN MEXICO in the old PT Cruiser plant, that’s true!?!

I could go on and on but I’ll wrap this up by trying to help you avoid these pitfalls. NO auto ad includes tax and license so “zero down” is NEVER actually zero down and the payment never includes tax. That means $199 a month is $216.91 a month if you live in LA County and so on. Also when BMW or Mercedes say $3,999 due at signing in the fine print it ALWAYS says “excludes tax and title” so for example a BMW 328 Sedan for $369 a month with $3,999 due at signing is REALLY $402.21 a month with $4,600 due at signing for pretty much a base car!?!

Remember always first look at the MSRP of the advertised car and compare it to the cars you’ve priced or looked at they usually advertise the cheapest model available. The car you want is probably not the one being advertised. No matter how small the fine print is read it a few times. Look for the miles and remember the “down” or “total due” and payment don’t include AT LEAST tax and license. A LOT of times it also doesn’t include the first payment, bank fee, acq fee etc. And the list goes on I get calls EVERYDAY “How much is car x?”, $550 a month, “but I saw it on their website for $450 a month?” so that’s a half hour phone call going through the ad. This car doesn’t have the options you want, this is more money than you want to put down, you drive 5,000 more miles a year than this etc. So ANOTHER option is to simplify your life and just call PAL.

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